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How Communication And Culture Are Related Essay

Communication has been one of the most powerful tools that humans species have develop trough thousands of years and that we still have. There are many types of communication like body language, eye contact, sign language, paralanguage, haptic language, and chromic, also media like pictures, graphics, sounds and writing. Culture emerged in the XII and XIX century in Europe. The word culture means cultivation or improvement, how the human species act, thinks and how it interact with the environment, thanks to the communication people have changed their way they act. For this reason is why is important to know how communication and culture are related, and how they are important for each other. Good communication is very important. It can help someone to understand what others are saying. Communication is important and can be positive if is handled well. But at the same time it can be hurtful, depending on how it is done and the words that are used. Communication is where culture was improved, because with communication provide information to a group of people, and that specific group of people will react and determine how they will use the information. Arts, traditions, and rituals are some examples of culture, these types of culture have being used trough thousands of years, they have communicate with gods, civilizations, animals. So in a way communications have being a very important role in the culture, and how it has been develop trough this years. The main reason why humans behave the way they behave is that we have developed communication to the point that we behave more reasonable, we can expose ideas, thoughts, and we can give an opinion for it. We use communicatio n now a days for everything, without it would be very difficult or impossible to live in a society that have express everything we think, and have an opinion of it. In conclusion, thanks to communication, culture within the human behavior, people have developed a rational thinking; this makes a better how people relate with other. Communication has played a very important role in the  culture in human species. Communication have being part of our life and our behavior cense the first humans apparition, we use it all the time to interact with people, and that’s why we, humans behave the way we behave.

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The United States And Chinese Health Care Systems

Today, health care systems around the world are reforming more than ever. Initiatives are being taken to introduce new and improved care and access in a reasonable and cost-efficient manner. In order to discover and develop a system that is best suited for a country, many tactics and acts are viewed as trial-and-error. The United States and China, both two of the largest countries in the world, have both similarities and differences in their health care systems that function jointly to offer care to their citizens. This paper will progress to compare and contrast different components of the United States and Chinese health care systems such as the history of the health care systems, delivery of health care, challenges with access and cost, and reform efforts made by each dominating and world renown country. Since the economic reforms in the late 1970s in urban China, health insurance has evolved from a public insurance (government or public) system to a multipayer system. Citizens who work for the government are covered under government insurance. Employees for public businesses are mostly covered through public business insurance. However, the actual benefits and payments vary according to the financial well-being of the business (Shi, L. Singh, D. 2015). Employees of foreign businesses or joint ventures are well insured through private insurance arrangements. Nearly all of these plans contain costs through different factors such as premiums, deductibles, copayments, andShow MoreRelatedThe Health Situation in China1207 Words   |  5 PagesHealth Situation in China A health care system refers to the comprehensive organization, structures and strategies through which Medicare and health care is made available by the government to its citizens. A health care system is a product of countries politics. It is a nations system of governance that will dictate upon the most convenient model of health care to adopt. There is no universally acceptable method, and in adopting each; a government has to take into account a variety of factors,Read MoreCountry s Access Of Health Care Issues920 Words   |  4 PagesCountry s access to health care issues According to The Japan Times, although China s economy has improved significantly in the last decade, resulting in less residents falling below the poverty level, many health related issues remain present in China, especially in the rural areas of China (Chelala, 2013). The issue remains that approximately 80 percent of health and medical services are concentrated in cities, which means that timely medical care is not available to more than 100 millionRead MoreThe Major Sectors Of The Chinese Culture1316 Words   |  6 Pagesthe major sectors of the Chinese culture that influence the use of acupuncture. These sectors include: Social, Cultural, Religious, Economic, Political, and Technological. I will also examine the factors of the global context that influence the use of acupuncture in the United States. Lastly, I will discuss the influence of acupuncture in my own life, specifically relating to my own health care. Global Perspectives of Acupuncture 1. The primary features of the Chinese culture have a major influenceRead MoreAsian American Culture925 Words   |  4 PagesAmerican/Chinese Culture Theresa Chambers Webster University Abstract A Chinese American is an American who is of ethnic Chinese descent. Most Chinese Americans are descended from Chinas majority ethnic group, the Han. The rest are usually members of one of Chinas 56 minorities, such as the Hui. Chinese Americans constitute one group of overseas Chinese and are also one group of Asian Americans. Asian American/ Chinese Culture Immigration Chinese immigration to the United States hasRead MoreComparison of the Treatment of Aging Parents by Asians American and European Americans786 Words   |  4 Pagesexpectancy, many opportunities had been provided to psychologists to conduct research and practice with aging adults (APA, 2003). This has enabled many researchers to study aging in the United States and other countries. With those researches show that coping with aging parents especially in the United States, different cultural background are faced with different challenges, from which they have learned many ways to cope with the acculturation effects (PBS, n. d.). However the question stillRead MoreHeritage Assessment Paper1714 Words   |  7 Pagesimmigrants in the United States has contributed to health disparities in the health care system. Cultural competence can remove health disparities by eliminating personal biases, and treating every person with respect. Simply recognizing and accepting different cultures is not enough, one must be able to consistently recognize and understand the differences in order to be culturally competent. Knowledge and culturally competent practices are a must for nurses to deliver quality care in our rapidlyRead MoreThe Food Culture Of China And The United States1444 Words   |  6 Pagespolitics boundaries, and religion of China and the United States are not similar. Looking at the food culture between the two countries is very different. When a person speaks about the Chinese food culture, they need to praise the taste, color, shape of the Chinese dish, and smell. In china, most of the people take wheat and rice as their daily main food. They believe that fruit, wheat, vegetable, and rice are the best food to boost the health of a person. Consequently, meat is not a major foodRead MoreThe Increase Health Expenditure Of The United States Essay1502 Words   |  7 Pagesstatistics about the United States. In 2014 the United States had a population of approx imately 318 million people and an estimated GDP of $17.3 trillion dollars. That very same year, health expenditure in the United States totaled an astonishing $9,024 per capita, which was approximately 16.6% of GDP. This was the highest amongst OECD countries with Switzerland having the second highest heath expenditure of $6,787 per capita (OECD, 2016). One could easily assume that increased health expenditure wouldRead MoreEating The Hospital Food Or Bathe For 7 Days964 Words   |  4 PagesEverything that the woman is doing is in the best interest of her health and her child, therefore, she should be able to practice her cultural beliefs as she sees fit. There is no reason for her to be asked to follow orders that would violate the traditions and wisdom of her own culture. Consequently, these are very different customs than what we are accustomed to, but, that does not mean that they should not respect her tradition. Our book states that â€Å"As a social worker it is importa nt to familiarizeRead MoreMacro-Economic Indicators in the Healthcare Industry1709 Words   |  7 Pagesarea. Health care is traditionally funded through contributions paid by individuals as a percentage of their salaried income. There are, however, some countries that also provide a free public medical service funded by a national budget. Regardless of the coverage it is the quality of the medical supplies and medical personnel when dealing with preventive and corrective medicine that is determined by the below mentioned macroeconomic indicators:1 †¢ â€Å"The proportion in GDP of health care expenditures

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How the Customers Influence Business Strategy - 1039 Words

How the Customer influences Business Strategy A business strategy describe how a particular business intends to success in its chosen market place against its competitors. It therefore represents the best attempt that the management can make at defining and securing the future of that business. A business strategy should provide clear answer to the questions: - What is the scope of the business to which this strategy applies? - What are the current and future needs of customers and potential customers of this business? - What are the distinctive capabilities or unique competence that will give us competitive advantages in meeting these needs now and in the future? - What in broad terms needs to be done to secure the future of our†¦show more content†¦Everybody of the customer experience is of central strategic value to the organization. The company which thinks that customer experiences is just a matter of improving a few select business process will always lag behind competitors who are making customer experience a core competency of the entire organization. Customer satisfaction is another important fact to be considered. It is widely accepted that delivering products and services of high quality leads to customer satisfaction and in turn to high profit. In order to improve their competitive position, many companies use form of customer satisfaction program in developing , monitoring and evaluating their products and services, formulate strategies to enhance satisfaction and compensate employees based on satisfaction rating. Companies, however, will allocate resources for improving customers satisfaction only if the effects are satisfying in financial terms. Numerous empirical studies could find a positive relationship between customer satisfaction and profitability. Customer satisfaction leads to repurchase. The continuously repurchase of a company’s product results in a stable relationship between customers and suppliers. A large stable customers based reduces the volatility of the cash flows. The lower volatility of the cash flows also leads to a lower cost of capital. Customers’ satisfaction also leads to cross-selling. EnhanceShow MoreRelatedOperational Strategies That Management May Use to Respond to Influences on Operations 1168 Words   |  5 Pagesoperations process is one of the key business functions and is a crucial component to business success. Like every business, Qantas is affected by many internal and external influences requiring it to have effective strategies to respond to these influences. Businesses that are able to adopt and utilise effective operational strategies are able to quickly adapt and either reduce or take advantage of these influences that impact the business. The effectiveness of these strategies can measured by Qantas’ performanceRead MoreExecutive Summary : Harvey Norman1530 Words   |  7 Pagesimplementation of marketing segmentation, how the product lifecycle impacts on the marketing mix which in turn plays a part in determining marketing strategies, and the necessity of regularly monitoring the effectiveness of the marketing plan. However, improvement is still necessary with implementation of certain strategies to maximise the potential of the marketing. Situational Analysis Market Analysis The situation in the market will strongly affect how successful the marketing plan will be. HereRead MoreStudy Guide for Intro to Marketing1384 Words   |  6 Pagesmarket. 2 Approach to Customers A business with a marketing orientation is essentially led by the needs of its customers. Marketing research outcomes determine how much of a product is produced--old products may be discontinued and new products invented based on the needs or desires of consumers. In contrast, a production-oriented company does not pay close attention to the needs of its customers and is focused primarily on making the maximum number of products. If customers are dissatisfied withRead MoreAldis Customer Choice Case Study1139 Words   |  5 Pagesthis report is to outline the main factors that influence ALDI’s customer choice, describe the marketing process used by ALDI and evaluate the main marketing strategies that are employed by ALDI. In addition, the consumerist market of ALDI places an importance on identifying and satisfying their customers by developing a sustainable marketing plan. 1. Outline the main factors that influence ALDI’s customer choice. The four key factors that influence consumer choice are psychological, socioculturalRead MoreUse the Stakeholder Model of Business Environments to Critically Examine the External Environment of Asda Wal-Mart as Outlined in the Case Study That Follows.1219 Words   |  5 PagesPart I. Use the stakeholder model of business environments to critically examine the external environment of Asda Wal-Mart as outlined in the case study that follows. Each organisation has a unique external and internal environment that has unique impacts on the organisation. A stakeholder’s analysis categorises that environment determining whether an organisation or a person has any low or high interest and power over the business. Based on The Asda Wal-Mart case study, stakeholders are consecutive: Read MoreRelationship Between Customer Loyalty And Marketing Strategy1662 Words   |  7 Pagesrelationship between Customer Loyalty and Marketing Strategy? Introduction In today’s business environment, the concept of customer loyalty is becoming a growing interest in the area of relationship marketing. Many marketers and researchers persist with loyalty strategies as they thought loyal customers create profitable rewards. However, a recent work done by Heiner Evanschitsky states the other side that this may not always be the case. The following assignment is investigating whether customer loyalty placesRead MoreThe Macro And Micro And Macro Factors Influence Marketing Decision Process Of Tesco1101 Words   |  5 Pagesthose business concerns and address them in order to remain competitive, and market force. Tesco has carried out an environmental scanning process for the business plan without doing such delineated process of scanning the environment, they would not be here today not being a multinational store. 1.1. Show the macro and micro and macro factors influence marketing decision process of Tesco. Macro environments (PESTEL) are important factors that business organisations analyse the influence on theirRead MoreService Strategies : A Successful Service Strategy1153 Words   |  5 PagesService Strategy A successful service strategy has to be implemented through executing thorough analysis, understanding customer demand, commitment from staff/management, intense dedication and a considerable financial amount allotted for spending. Policies and procedures should be outlined and must be customer service oriented. The work -flow should promote reliable service. A comprehensive contingency plan must be in place to ensure uninterrupted service to customers in case of an unforeseenRead MoreMicro and Macro environment factors1639 Words   |  7 PagesInternational Ltd. I will explain what are micro and macro environment factors and how do they affect his marketing decisions as well as consumer buying behaviour. I will propose him segmentation criteria, targeting and positioning for his products. Micro environment Micro environment consists of the different types of stakeholders outside the organisation. The constituents or stakeholders of the micro environment include customers, suppliers, creditors, distributors, dealers, etc. Although these constituentsRead MoreA Marketing Strategy For A Brand1410 Words   |  6 PagesEstablishing a strong brand is one of the most important marketing strategies for any business, allowing a company to attract the right customers that will connect with their products and services. (inc) Branding Significance A strong brand identity is one thing that no one can ever take away from a business. Great ideas and products can be improved, patents eventually expire, and technology is always changing- but a brand with loyal customers can continue to thrive, and can even be the most valuable part

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The Lack Of Sufficient Gun Control Laws - 1595 Words

The United States of America has about 270 million privately held firearms, with about one gun per person (Fisher). This is more than 25% of the worlds registered firearms, and the population of the United States accounts for a meager 4 percent of the world. The reason for the staggering number of guns is because of the second amendment, which states, â€Å"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.† (U.S. Const. am. 2) Because of the vague nature of the wording, different people interpret it in different ways. Some say that â€Å"the right of people to keep and bear Arms† indicates individual ownership of guns, while others believe that the†¦show more content†¦If law-abiding gun owners cannot obtain rifle ammunition, or face substantial difficulty in finding ammunition available and at reasonable prices because government entities are banning such ammunition , then the Second Amendment is at risk† responds republican Chuck Grassley, the Senior United States Senator from Iowa to a move by the Obama administration to ban a type of ammunition that pierces police body armor. The rationale is that the type of ammunition that is sought to be banned is a popular type of ammo in the top-selling AR-15 rifle. Banning this specific ammo would deliberately stop gun owners from being able to use their own guns. What these gun-rights activists are failing to understand is that the second amendment indicates something different from what gun owners want it to say. In 1991, John Paul Stevens, a retired justice of the Supreme Court who served for over 30 years, remarked that the second amendment â€Å"has been the subject of one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word fraud† in response to vigorous campaigns by the National Rifle Association (NRA) claiming that federal regulations severely invaded Americans’ Second Amendme nt rights. He recounts how â€Å"When I joined the court in 1975, that holding was generally understood as limiting the scope of the Second Amendment to uses of arms that were related to military activities. During the years when Warren Burger was chief justice, from 1969 to 1986, no judge or

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Mining the Past for Futuristic Ideas free essay sample

A discussion on the technological challenges in developing a hot air balloon. This paper reviews an article about overcoming technological difficulties in the field of hot-air ballooning. The solution hit upon by designers and had its roots in the worlds first air disaster, a good idea poorly executed. The implication for the future is that we should look backwards as well as forward when solving difficult problems. People are flying around the world for the fun of it. They are described as sportsmen and adventurers, but at least in one way they have also been visionaries. Perhaps in other endeavors we should continue to look forward as well as back, and examine ideas that didnt work and were perhaps discarded. There may be some excellent ideas that when reworked can move modern technology ahead. What we think of as a bad idea may have some useful ideas within it. We will write a custom essay sample on Mining the Past for Futuristic Ideas or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page

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Tribute Speech to Steve Jobs free essay sample

Steve Jobs was like the Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and the Albert Einstein of our time. He not only innovated personal computing, but personal media and communication, iTunes which became one of the most popular music and video retailers and Pixar which was one of his side projects had become one of the greatest animation digital movie creators and software. But all that is a just part of the list of his legacy, because in the end he still left behind Apple which is world’s most valuable company, which is valued at $350 Billion Dollars. Without Steve Jobs great mind and hands in the technologic revolution we would have never had the opportunity to see technology the way we do today and how much of an impact he has made for our future to come. Many of you sitting down today have used some type of technology today whether it was using your cell phones to make a call, text, get on the internet, or simply just to look at the time, many others used a computer to prepare for today’s speech and have used some type of technology whether it was your desktop, laptop, or even tablet to obtain resources and information. We will write a custom essay sample on Tribute Speech to Steve Jobs or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page None of these belongings would even be around if it was not for Steve Jobs making the first bold move to innovate the world and form it to how we know it today. (Change Slide) Steve Paul Jobs was born on February 24, 1995 in San Francisco, California. But he was put up for adoption by his biological parents Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali and adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs, who were a lower middle class couple. Where Steve grew up was The Santa Clara County which was a neighborhood of engineers working on electronics and other gizmos in their garages on weekends. When Steve was 13 he met one of the most significant person that would impact his life and that person was Stephen Wozniak who was an electronics whiz kid. When Steve was 18 he had the dream of attending Reed College which was an expensive liberal arts college in Oregon, and since one of the conditions upon his adoptions was that he would go to college his parents found a way to get pay for it. But like every great successor of our technological world Jobs dropped out one semester into his College education and found he was more interested in eastern philosophy and fruitarian diets than in the classes he was taking. So he moved into a hippie community where his main activity was cultivating apples. After a couple months passed Steve returned to California to look for a job and was hired by the video game maker Atari. (Change Slide) The knowledge that Wozniak had gathered  allowed him to build his own computer board, simply because he wanted a personal computer for himself. Jobs took interest, and he quickly understood that his friends brilliant invention could be sold, so  Jobs convinced Wozniak to start a company for the purpose of selling them and so the Apple Computer was born on April 1, 1976. Change Slide) Apple introduced the Macintosh in 1984, when designing the model, Jobs apparently paid more attention to appearances than function. Lacking these features, the Macintosh did not sell well to businesses. (Change Slide) The failure of the Macintosh signaled the beginning of Job’s downfall at Apple Computer Company. In 1985 Jobs resigned from the company he had founded due to an a rgument between him and John Sculley former CEO of Apple, though he retained his title as chairman of its board of directors. It was not long before Steve Jobs resurfaced. Change Slide) Soon after leaving Apple, he hired some of his former employees to begin a new computer company. The company was called NeXT, and Jobs invested $7 million of his own money to get it started. For three years, Jobs and his employees worked to produce the first NeXT computer, which was aimed at the educational market. Late in 1988, the NeXT computer was introduced at a large  social event  in San Francisco. Initial reactions were generally good; the product was user-friendly, with very fast processing speed, excellent graphics displays, and an outstanding sound system. Other innovations included an optical disk drive instead of floppy disks, and a special sound chip to provide the fidelity of a compact disc. Judging from initial reactions, many critics were convinced that Steve Jobs had brought another revolutionary product to American consumers. Despite the warm reception, however, the NeXT machine never caught on. It was too costly, had a black-and-white screen, and couldnt be linked to other computers or run common software. So therefore it failed. NeXT was not, however, the end of Steve Jobs. Change Slide) In 1986, Jobs paid filmmaker George Lucas $10 million for a small firm called Pixar that specialized in computer animation. Over the next six years Jobs poured another $40 million of his own money into the company. That film was  Toy Story,  a huge box office hit. The share price climbed dramatically, and Job’s 80 percent stock in Pixar suddenly was worth $1 billion. (Just a little better than the power balls don’t you think ). In December of 1996, Apple announced that it was purchasing Next Software for over $400 million. (Change Slide) Jobs returned to Apple as a part-time consultant to CEO Gilbert Amelio. Second, he announced he had accepted the Apple boards offer, and became the companys CEO, dropping the interim from his title. It was not an obvious choice because he remained CEO of Pixar, too. (Change Slide) In March 2001(This is where we get into our more familiar products), Steve Jobs started a crash development program to develop an Apple-branded MP3 player before that years holiday season: the iPod was born on October 23, 2001. With the presentation of the iPod Job’s went to all record labels to negotiate landmark deals that would lead to the introduction of the iTunes Music Store in April 2003. Apple didnt rest on its laurels. (Change Slide) . In January 2004, it introduced the iPod mini, a more compact version of iPod. Since Apple introduced the $99 iPod shuffle and the impossibly small iPod Nano in 2005, and the iPod video in 2006. IPod also played an indirect role in shaping the future of Steves other company, Pixar. (Change Slide) After having released hit after hit (A Bugs Life (1998), Toy Story 2 (1999), Monsters Inc. 2001) and Finding Nemo (2003)), the animation studio had decided to let go of its distribution deal with Disney, (Change Slide) in June 2005, at WWDC, Jobs made a surprise announcement that after over a decade using the PowerPC microprocessor architecture in Macs, Apple would start using the more power-efficient Intel platform. (Change Slide) Around 2003, he started a secret project to develop a tablet. But in 2004-2005, he realized that the technology that this group had developed, including a revolutionary touch-screen technology, iPhone was introduced at Macworld on January 9, 2007. But sales really started to skyrocket in 2008, after Apple introduced the cheaper iPhone 3G (at a subsidized $199 price) and the App Store. Even though the iPad was welcomed by mixed reviews when it was introduced in January 2010 it still revolutionized the tablet. The final presentation Jobs gave was the introduction of iPad 2 in March 2011, and the second one was in June 2011, where he introduced iCloud. (Present Video and Explain Significance)Steve Jobs not only revolutionized the way technology was designed but he changed the way we lived. Apple products have completely revolutionized the way that we complete daily task, both for ourselves and others. The simple, clean design and stunning interfaces made it a world-class technology accessible to the everyday person. Five years ago, technology slowed us down, but with Apple, technology improved our lives. Jobs was a true hero of technology and innovation. It was. It was his drive for excellence in the business and consumer marketplace that continues to inspire me to always be determined to achieve my goal. His products spoke for themselves. The introduction of the iPad revolutionized computing as we knew it. Jobs work is revolutionary because he thought beyond the devices to their day-to-day application. He took the tech out of technology,  creating user-friendly products that were compatible and easy to use. And my favorite part of Jobs work is he showed that the latest, greatest piece of machinery could be beautiful and visually stunning. Jobs has also help the environment a lot believe or not because thanks to Ipads he has reduced the need of paper in offices, schools, and businesses. It has provided for a more powerful presentation than a tactile, hardbound option, and likewise, seems to impress people more as well. Whenever a business or school use the iPad it shoes that they are committed to investing and innovating technology that further more they can use to help their business or school. The presentation support from the quality of the tablet furthers my confidence when seeing a set up when entering a classroom. I take it all for granted now, but Apple technology has had a deep effect on how we all live. Since we are no longer bound to a desk to do paper work, or have to find resources in books, and communication with co-workers, instructors, or family has been made so easy that it’s all just a mouse click away, therefore Apple products have made our lives easier and more efficient. Also I no longer have to take a camera, MP3 player or DVD player everywhere I go. All of it is on my phone now and all I do is slip it in my pocket and Im ready to go anywhere. I cant imagine my professional or personal life without my phone. The integration and ease of use that you get with Apple products and some androids are truly unmatched, and they have spoiled me because of it. Apple products not only helped us innovate the way we operate, but they also made us more time-efficient. We honestly don’t think how easy it is to connect with world now in days because when we think about it now in days we can use our phones, take a quick photo or shoot a video, then go into Twitter or Facebook, touch the photo and its live. As an entrepreneur, Steve Jobs was a visionary that paid the ultimate attention to detail. I strive every day to live up to similar standards. Because Im working 50 hours per week on average, the iPad allows my work-life balance to exist. Therefore in all honesty I do believe Steve Jobs made an impact in everyone’s life, even if people don’t own an apple product he is the revolutionary who was the cause of most of the technology we own today. (Change Slide) Unfortunately like every great legacy it must come to an end and for Jobs his end began when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer Unfortunately, In late 2003, he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer of a rare kind, that could only be cured by surgery. Although against what everyone said he refused to have the surgery for nine long months. Instead, he tried alternative diets and treatments, including acupuncture and seeing a psychic. Only in July 2004 did he agree to have the surgery. After his surgery Jobs looked healthy for the next couple of years, and spoke publicly of being cured of cancer at his famous Stanford speech in 2005. Yet on June 2008, few observers failed to notice how thin he appeared on stage, and concerns about his health started popping up again. In December 2008, when Apple made a shocking announcement that Jobs would not be the keynote speaker at Macworld in 2009, and that he was taking a medical leave of absence for six months. Although publicly he denied it, the truth was easy for everyone to see and of course that horrifying truth was that his cancer had come back. He was actually weeks away from death when he received a liver transplant in April 2009. But he came back to Apple, as planned, in late summer of 2009, healthier although his physical appearance still seemed to be rundown. He was eager to bring the finishing touches to a new project very dear to his heart. The recovery of Steves cancer was a painful reminder that it was time to put his affairs in order before his time to go. Like every great leader, he made sure that Apple was ready to operate without him: in late 2008, he hired the dean of the Yale School of Management to create Apple University, a sort of internal business track to prepare future Apple executives by showing them to the Apple ways of doing business, by showing them how it was done in the pass. He also met with his executive team and agreed with the board that his natural successor would be his second in command, Tim Cook. Finally, at his last public appearance in June 2011, he unveiled his plans for the future Apple campus in Cupertino, a huge spaceship-sized building in the shape of a perfect circle. All of this was set in place because of jobs increasingly failing health; he resigned as Apple CEO on August 24, 2011. Jobs also prepared his personal legacy. In 2009, he finally started giving interviews to journalist Walter Isaacson to prepare for his first and only authorized biography, giving him his perspective on his life and career. He also spent his last days designing a boat for his family on which he hoped to travel the world. Unfortunately, death took him too soon, and he died peacefully at home on October 5, 2011. Thus to finish it all off I would just like to say that we have lost one of the greatest men to impact technology and very much so our futures.

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Building Effective Teams

Introduction Leaders need to build a strong team that can realise its goals by incorporating certain aspects of effective team building. Such aspects would ensure that the team is efficient and effective in its roles. In this context, team members must be aware of the objective of the team and specific periods for realising the set targets. A team must have a method of sharing responsibilities and leadership roles. This ensures accountability within the team. A team should have a clear purpose and concrete outcomes from inputs of its members.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Building Effective Teams specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Effective Team Building A clear purpose is a characteristic of effective team building. All members of a team should agree on the team’s goals. Shared goals and responsibilities enhance team effort by providing a clear sense of direction. All members should contribute in formulating objectives (Mealiea and Baltazar, 2005). A clear purpose would ensure that all members of the team have clear roles and responsibilities. Moreover, other members will also support such roles and the purpose of the team. Team building requires definitive decision-making strategies. This eliminates challenges related to prolonged and unproductive discussions, which could hinder the team’s effort. A definitive process of making decisions ensures that all team members contribute, and they may resort to consensus to overcome contentious issues. Members must express their opinions and review all areas of disagreements. Building a team requires an open communication system. This allows members to exploit communication channels to express their opinions and offer relevant feedback, as well as share information among themselves. Communication must reach all members of the team. Moreover, it should be consistent through various channels of communications. This ensures that all members are up to speed on the team’s progress and setbacks. Effective team building requires shared leadership. In this regard, the team carries out leadership roles like â€Å"contributor, collaborator, challenger, facilitator, and controller† (Mealiea and Baltazar, 2005). These roles are not exclusively for the team leader. However, shared leadership roles will differ based on the prevailing circumstances and skills of members of the team. Moreover, different members may also have different responsibilities in leadership. This is a participatory style of leading a team. Team members can suggest various ways of improving team activities and services. Participation by team members in various activities enhances decision-making processes within the team. Members can also rely on the group participation to facilitate self-efficacy and development of new strategies. Listening and acknowledging contributions of other team members can facilitate building of effective team. Team members should discuss and formulate strategies for problem solving (Taggar and Brown, 2001). Members of a team could use listening to enhance interpersonal sensitivity and understanding. Listening ensures that all channels of communication within the team are open for contributions and criticism. Listening also facilitates interaction among members of the team.Advertising Looking for research paper on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Summary There are several approaches used in building effective team, but they depend on the prevailing conditions and characteristics of members. The role of the team leader remains imperative in ensuring a successful team that can realise its objectives. Leaders can only realise the overall purpose of the team if they have a clear framework that guides their roles and team activities. The framework should show a clear purpose of the team, decision-making strategie s, listening, communication channels, relationships, and shared leadership and members’ responsibilities among others. Building effective team requires action-oriented approaches and practical solutions to challenges associated with team building. References Mealiea, L., and Baltazar, R. (2005). A Strategic Guide for Building Effective Teams. Public Personnel Management, 34(2), 141-160. Taggar, S., and Brown, C. (2001). Problem-solving team behaviors: Development and validation of BOS and a hierarchical factor structure. Small Group Research, 32(6), 698. This research paper on Building Effective Teams was written and submitted by user Kali Kirk to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.